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Sirius Business Solutions is certified by and participates in the global WSI Network of Internet Consultants, production centers, and suppliers.

Sirius Business Solutions, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, provides onsite services in Menlo Park, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, Milpitas, Burlingame, Campbell, Foster City, Fremont, Daly City, San Carlos, San Francisco and Hayward. Virtual services are provided throughout the world.


Is Your Website Content Relevant?

Relevant content increases conversions and increases search engine rankings

Relevant content attracts targeted visitors to your website and motivates them to stay to learn more. Strategic search engine optimization(SEO), search engine advertising (SEA) and banner ads may direct traffic to your website, but only relevant content engages visitors will may become customers or prospects.  No one likes to be lured by an apple only to find it's an orange when you meet.

Researching competitive websites, aggregated data from search engines and detailed web analytics show the popularity of keywords, or terms used by your audience when searching for your products and services.  Once identified, relevant page content has to be built around keywords.  Relevant content needs to be engaging, succinct and in plain view.  Engaging site content (not just fancy graphics) sustains visitors’ interest. Compelling copy assists targeted visitors to engage with your company by calling, e-mailing or completing an online form.

 Relevance of Apples and Oranges

Creating relevant website content is not easy. It requires in-depth knowledge of your audience’s needs and frustrations and the ability to present the benefits of your products and services clearly.  You’ll want to insure it includes appropriate keywords used by your target audience to be easily found by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Simply put, it requires sound SEO and SEA knowledge as well as writing expertise.

Sirius Business Solutions, California has extensive experience in creating relevant website content for San Francisco Bay Area businesses.

Whether you have a small business in Palo Alto or a large one in Mountain View, deal in home goods, industrial products or professional services, our expert content writers know how to engage prospects and increase conversions as well as rank highly with search engines.

Call us or complete our online form for a free 30 minute consultation on relevant website content in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why come to us for creating relevant website content?

In-depth analysis and skilful representation of audience frustrations and pain points
• Effective portrayal of product/service highlights and benefits
• Persuasive content based on conversion architecture analysis
• Each web page focuses on SEO and SEA with appropriate geo-targeting and call to action
• Creative and engaging copy that sustains prospects’ interest
• Professional writers with extensive experience in marketing and advertising

Contact Sirius Business Solutions directly or via e-mail to schedule your free consultation. Our professionally written, creative and persuasive website content improves conversion results dramatically.

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If you’re looking for trained and professional writers to create relevant web content, Sirius has the team you’re looking for. We write SEO copy and relevant content for businesses all over the San Francisco Bay Area.