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Sirius Business Solutions is certified by and participates in the global WSI Network of Internet Consultants, production centers, and suppliers.

Sirius Business Solutions, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, provides onsite services in Menlo Park, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, Milpitas, Burlingame, Campbell, Foster City, Fremont, Daly City, San Carlos, San Francisco and Hayward. Virtual services are provided throughout the world.

 Optimizing Website Pages to Have them Found by Search Engines


Tips for Optimizing web pages:

Dedicate pages to specific subjects or categories

Optimize some pages for search engines and others for visitors


Optimize Pages, Not the Whole Site

There is a common misconception that websites are optimized for search engines.  In fact, website pages are optimized (or not).  The search engines review each page and index it  for possible display.  That's enables search engines to deliver the visitor directly to the page that most closely matches their search criteria.  If that weren't the case, each visitor would land only on the home page and have to navigate throught the site on their own.  That would be a waste of time.

Most businesses, clubs, schools and organizations are about more than one subject.  For instance, dentists may clean and fill teeth but they might also offer cosmetic services such as whitening and "grills".  If someone is interested in whitening services they want to land on your website's page that deals with that.  For that moment, they don't really care what other services you offer.

Make each page relavent to a specific product (or category), service or subject.  And, it you need several images to help tell your story, use a "landing" page that is limited to text.  Pictures may be worth a thousand words to human visitors but they are worth nothing to search engines.  Create a page in text form that caters to the search engine then make it easy for the visitor to navigate through to pages containing the story-telling images.









 Basic Organic Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is mostly a science.  Search engines are continually changing algorithms to remain a step ahead of would be scammers.  And, there are new techniques being developed every day.  For these reasons it is highly recommended that you consider a professional to assist in optimizing your pages.  However, if you don't and want to do the best job you can, flying solo, there are some simple concepts you should remember.

Redundancy is good.  The number will change over time but, search engines basically seek a 7% redundancy rate in keywords.  That means if your page is about butterfly shoes, every 14th word should be "butterfly shoes".  It might look ridiculous to the visitor but it looks beautiful to the search engine that brought them.  This is the best single reason for optimizing pages for search engines and others for visitors.  Once the visitor arrives on the page optimized for search engines make it very easy for them to get to pages optimized for humans.

Don't try to fool the search engines.  They are very smart and, vindictive.  If they sense you are trying to pull a fast one, they may penalize you and could even blacklist your site.  Many have tried loading up pages with keywords in font colors that match the background, making them invisible to visitors but very visible to search engines.  If you get caught, it's costly.

Put your most important information right up front.  Search engines place a higer value on keywords featured "above the fold" or before it is necessary to scroll down.  Search engines assume you will feature your best information in the first paragraphs.  This is also good for optimizing for humans.  Many will never scroll.  If you don't catch them in the first paragraph or two you will love them.

A few tips to make your optimizing efforts pay off:

Redundancy is good

Don't try fooling the search engines

Put your most important message up front











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Sirius Business Solutions is part of a global network that provides world class search engine optimization services by experts who specialize in getting the best possible page rankings.  It is a very specialized discipline where techniques and skills need to be groomed daily.  SEO is a little more expensive than many services for the Internet (about $1,000 to optimize for 5 keywords) but one that has the greatest return on investment.  You may have spent thousands on your site but, if no one visits, where's the value.  The most appealing website is just a waste of cyberspace without visitors.

Please contact us for a free consultation.  We can help you determine whether search engine optimization is right your your, your organization and/or business.